Friday Instruction Overview for Parents and Students

  • Remote attendance is required on Friday. Secondary students will log in to sapphire by 8:30 am to log attendance. Elementary students will fill out a google form in their teacher’s google classroom. If there are any problems, call the school office.

  • Students are to access Google Classroom for content and assignments for each class.

  • Assignments are to be completed according to the due date assigned by the teacher.

  • Students should take advantage of every live video opportunity on Friday such as:

    • Live zoom classroom sessions

    • Live Q and A sessions

  • Students are not required to be present during live video class sessions.

  • Students’ grades will be based on completion of assignments and not dependent on the time spent attending live video sessions.

  • Transitions between Traditional and HRE learning may occur. There may be some time needed to transition between learning models. If you are interested in changing learning models, please contact your building principal.

JC School District