Snacks in School

Below, you will find the wellness policy as well as the USDA guide for smart snacks and the PA Department of Education Smart Snacks in Schools – Quick Reference guide. Please share these with others that might be interested and need to know about this important information as we think about the changes for the 2023-24 school year. These are quick reminders of items addressed and things found while visiting the various schools.  

  1. No food/drinks/snack items can be sold during lunch times this is a direct violation of our contract with METZ, and it takes sales away from the food program.
  2. Everything from Midnight the night before till 30 minutes after the last bell must meet smart snack standards.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Each school is limited to 5 food fundraisers per school year, this is in the wellness policy.
  4. Some of the school stores had snacks in them that did not meet the smart snack standards, I was assured that this would be addressed and changed.  So, thank you. 
  5. Home school program if they sell during school hours, which as stated before, can no longer be during lunch. They must sell items that meet smart snack standards, meaning NO CANDY.

For more information or any questions, please contact Lauren Mowry at the JCSD District Office at (717)-436-2111 or at

Smart Snacks Quick Reference

USDA Guide to Smart Snacks

JCSD Wellness Policy